Promoting Effective Teaching that Improves Learning

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Date: December 2015

This annotated bibliography lists resources from the CEELO|BUILD paper Sharpening the Focus: State Policies that Promote Effective Teaching that Improves Learning which encourages state policymakers and their partners to critically review professional development and accountability policies, offers guidance on policy implementation, and makes recommendations for the “powerful and few” core state policies that can improve teaching and learning for all young children.

Program Quality Improvement Systems

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Date: September 2015

This annotated bibliography identifies selected resources to assist states in assessing their current continuous quality improvement process for preschool programs as they expand services to increase access to high quality programs.

Tax Policy and Quality

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Date: August 2015

This annotated bibliography identifies selected resources on using tax policy, especially refundable tax credits, as a financing strategy for early childhood programs.

Using Technology in Early Childhood Classrooms

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Date: July 2015

This annotated bibliography provides resources and information about using technology in early education classrooms. It highlights issues to consider when introducing new tools, media, and devices, so that educators and policymakers can make informed decisions about using such resources, and preparing teachers and care providers to do so.

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