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Cost of Preschool Quality Tool

The Cost of Preschool Quality Tool is an Excel-based model which can be used at the state or district level to estimate the cost of expanding high quality preschool programs.

The CPQ is free to anyone who wishes to use the tool however, please complete the licensing agreement found here and information form found here.

CPQ Resources

  • Licensing Agreement
  • Description of the CPQ provides a rationale for the tool, an explanation of what the tool does and how it can be used, and a list of resource to support us
  • CPQ Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the worksheets in the tool and walks users through how to enter data.
  • User Guide is intended to assist you in fully utilizing the tool, and includes an overview of how to get started, step-by-step instructions for calculating costs, and case studies of two ways to answer policy questions related to the cost of high quality preschool.
  • Glossary/Codebook accompanies the User Guide, and describes each of the input assumptions of the CPQ in greater detail. The Glossary also contains information about the source of the default value for each input assumption and which subsequent modeling calculations are directly impacted the input assumption. Additional notes are provided to help the user in understanding other key aspects and issues.

CPQ Webinars & Presentations

  • Cost of Preschool Quality: Using a Tool to Project Costs for Scaling and Sustaining High Quality Preschool Programs shares and demonstrates the Cost of Preschool Quality (CPQ) and how this tool could be used by states to: (1) Estimate the additional funding that would be required to raise standards in an existing program so that these more closely align with the best practice quality standards, (2) Assess the costs of various state specific policy proposals, and (3) Provide information on what will be needed from other sources to sustain funding after federal grant funds end. (November 2016, presentation)
  • Why Understanding the Costs of Preschool Quality is Important presents and demonstrates the use of the Cost of Preschool Quality Tool (CPQ) by the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes, an Excel based model that can be used at the state or district level to estimate the cost of expanding high quality preschool for 3 and 4 year olds. (July 2016, Webinar)

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