CEELO has developed the Cost of Preschool Quality & Revenue (CPQ&R) calculator, a free Excel-based tool, to help users determine costs and funding sources related to implementing high-quality preschool programs.

Here you will find links to useful resources: Background Information, User Guide, Communications Toolkit, and Additional Resources.

The CPQ&R is free to use after completing a licensing agreement and user questionnaire.

CPQ&R Background Information
CPQ&R User Guide

This is the “how to section” for learning more about entering data and producing cost estimates that are customized to your specific goals. We recommend printing the CPQ&R User Guide and keeping it “by your side” as you manipulate and enter data in the CPQ&R. The Before You Start document and the Data Checklist (MSword) are also helpful to review before you start entering data.

CPQ&R Communications Toolkit

Go to the Toolkit

Resources here will help users present cost and revenue data from CPQ&R in a variety of communication formats. The toolkit offers talking points, quotes from national experts, resources for more information, and graphics, along with printable handouts.

CPQ&R Additional Resources
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