Young Immigrants and Dual Language Learners: Participation in Pre-K & Gaps at Kindergarten Entry Webinar

The number and percentage of young immigrants and dual language learners have increased and continue to increase in every state across the country. Children of different immigrant backgrounds participate in pre-K to different degrees. In addition, at Kindergarten entry, cognitive and non-cognitive gaps vary across these types of groups.

In this webinar, sponsored by the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Opportunities (CEELO), Dr. Steven Barnett, Principal Investigator of CEELO and Director of the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) and Dr. Milagros Nores, Associate Director of Research at NIEER, will present data that looks at how children from various language and immigrant backgrounds participate in pre-K programs and at how these children perform relative to their White peers at Kindergarten entry.

The webinar, held November 13, 2014:

  • Shared highlights from the national data
  • Highlighted State policy in relation to dual language learners

Webinar Materials:

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