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This webinar was discussion based and focused on several readings and previously occurring webinars. It began with a viewing of a previously recorded EDtalk by Jennifer Adair, followed by discussion and Q & A.

Jennifer Keys Adair, PhD is Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Her work focuses on the connection between agency and discrimination in the early learning experiences of children of immigrants. As a young scholar fellow with the Foundation of Child Development and a major grant recipient of the Spencer Foundation, Dr. Adair is working with parents, teachers, administrators and young children to improve the learning experiences of young children from marginalized communities. Her areas of expertise include early childhood education, children of immigrants’ schooling experiences, immigrant parent engagement, project based learning and the importance of young children exploring racial and cultural differences.

Watch the EDtalk here (start at 5-minutes and continue to 42:30-minutes).



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