Sustaining CommitmentAs discussed in Sec. 2 (Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders), groups engaged in Collective Leadership face a predictable life-cycle of Form – Storm – Norm – Perform before they Adjourn. With no shortage of early education issues to be solved or improved upon, initial enthusiasm and commitment may become tempered by relationships and results, sometimes straining a group’s ability to persevere as members’ engagement may wane. It is not uncommon for a large coalition of stakeholders to winnow into a smaller group where individuals take on increasingly greater responsibility to ensure completion.

Sustainability is often viewed in terms of stable financing for programs and personnel, but it goes much deeper. Sustainability also applies to the efficacy of collective leadership, consistent policy, and lasting gains for children. Commonly addressed in business, succession or sustainability planning is a priority from the beginning either assigned to a small subcommittee or infused throughout all aspects of a strategic plan. One effective way to sustain group commitment is through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) where continuous learning and engagement focus on results-based planning, implementation, and evaluation.



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