The Early Childhood Indistar® Indicators were developed by CEELO in collaboration with the Center on Innovations  in Learning (CIL). Indistar® is a web-based system for use with district and/or school improvement teams to inform, coach, sustain, track, and report improvement activities. The new early childhood indicators provide an opportunity for stakeholders to use indicators and the associated research to align early childhood education with school improvement efforts.

The indicators have many uses:

  • States can make Indistar their one place to gather information across departments or divisions (SPED, Title programs, Professional Development, Early Ed, etc.)
  • Schools and districts begin to see how everything ties together instead of seeing each individual piece as something separate and apart from overall improvement
  • Schools and districts have a roadmap to guide how they can improve adult practices for the sake of the children/students within their care
  • Stakeholders have access to “bite-size” information resources that lay out the research behind best practices in early childhood.

A full list of indicators and a breakdown by domains is available here.

Resources, such as presentations and webinars on the early childhood indicators, are available here.

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