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CPQ Toolkit – Test 2

The CPQ provides reliable cost calculations and funding so you can respond to questions about the costs of implementing high-quality preschool with confidence.

Our Communications Toolkit helps you describe CPQ estimates and explain why policymakers and funders should invest in high-quality preschool programs.

Browse the helpful tools below for background on the CPQ, tips for making the most of CPQ data, and talking points addressing FAQ about costs and funding. We’ve also provided sample outreach materials, such as social media posts, PowerPoint slides, and press templates.

Have a suggestion or a question? Contact CEELO project leads GG Weisenfeld and Michelle Ruess or your assigned state’s CEELO lead.

(if possible include quote from CPQ user about its role)

Background Documents

  • What is CPQ? <link to CPQ 1-pager>
  • Tip Sheet: Making the Most of CPQ<need to create: explanation of how it works, including list of items needed to start calculating (check-list the state could use to identify what sources or documents they already have and what still needs to be created, possible using some of the templates included in the toolkit)>

Helpful Resources
Click on this link to access a series of Why Quality Matters in Pre-K documents which explain:

  • Key elements of the CPQ and providing suggested talking points
  • Quotes from experts
  • CPQ data and examples of graphic displays
  • Links to relevant resources from CEELO and the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER)

Outreach Materials

  • Sample Social Media (link to pdf of sample tweets and fb posts; need to create)
  • Press Release Template (link to pdf; need to create)